What is a Dog Run?

To be honest I have never heard about there is such thing called dog runs that exists until I found one on branded BINGO.

Generally I look at it as large size dog playpen but enclosed in a way that fence does without top and bottom part.

bingo_dog_kennel_2.3x2.3x1.22m_-_01.jpg (800×600)

A dog run is consists by multiple vertical support poles, connectors and metal mesh roll.  I only realised the gate needs to be assembled as well as the whole frame, but that was fine by me. At the end it is more of a surprise to know how it is much handier than smaller indoor dog cages, or a playpen, mostly because I was so happy with the auto locking gate.

bingo_dog_kennel_2.3x2.3x1.22m_-_03.jpg (800×600)

It works in a way just as the auto locking garden fence gates that you may have at home, you don’t need anything like a latch or padlock, simply close the gate behind you and you will start to love this design when you are running late for work or a date.

The best thing you will get immediately after assembling it is that you will find your dog would be so excited to have a little run inside. Especially if you have a small dog like I do – they just simply get more exercise spaces. I could conclude dog run would be a best solution for more active dogs, like mine would just sniff and pace around inside the enclosure, while he would normally choose to sleep through the day if he gets to be in a playpen.

So as much as a dog run, dog cage and dog playpen shares similarities, they are functionally different and before you decide on getting one yourself, the most basic thing to check on is of course your designated space. If you don’t even have a space for it, then surely you don’t need to struggle with the choices, the playpens might work for you too if you could make sure you still get to walk your dog anyway.

For those of you who do have spaces available for a dog run, then I would suggest to get a dog run over other choices no matter it is a cage or playpen. You want something that is big enough to place a kennel house inside, feeders and still have enough space for exercises. You want something that is handy enough to give you that worry free moments where you just have to remember to get the gate on your way out and your dog won’t be able to run away from there.

Now you are able to enjoy a nice Saturday lunch date with knowing your dog is safe and sound at home 🙂


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