Do I Choose Dog Run or Dog Playpen?

Do I Choose Dog Run or Dog Playpen?

On my last blog post I mentioned how I looked at a dog run being similar to a dog playpen? My little sister then asked an interesting question which I thought some of you might be interested to know how a dog run is similar but still different than a dog playpen.

bingo_dog_kennel_4x4x1.83m_with_roof_-_01.jpg (700×525)

bingo_-_xxl_dog_pet_play_pen_10pcs_.08.jpg (699×522)


Initially I got myself a set of Heavy Duty Dog Play Pen by BINGO (and this is how I first seen a dog run). The set of playpen was so great that I ended up getting a second set so that I could join them up to create a much bigger space for my dog.

So here it is, think about your purpose where mine was space! Bigger space!

My dog had months of time with no problem at all in the playpen until one day I found that when he was really excited, he could almost get over the fence.! Now that doesn’t happen to most of small dogs really, and I have only just caught it once, but once could be enough to trigger those bad imaginations whenever I had to leave him home for work.


There, I first got to take a good look at a dog run, I was going to make my way towards checkout but I wasn’t sure about the space I have.

I went home, and took some measurements and I was happy enough to find that I have enough space to get a 3m by 3m dog run instead. Got through the checkout successfully the next day and ta da, it was there at my door step right overnight after placing the order!

I am a totally happy dog mommy since then and I was pleased as I made a good choice. I still love the playpens I got and still use it as more of a portable option – brought my dog over to a friend’s lunch party on an open farm once and BINGO playpen was my best friend on the day.

To sum it up for you all on the question of: To choose a dog run or a dog playpen?

Think about the purpose – are you likely to move your dog’s living space? Is your dog active or more of a shy little one who usually lacks of sense of security? In these cases, get a heavy duty playpen!

Think about designated space you have – if you have enough space for at least 2.3m by 2.3m, get a dog run!

Is your dog a good high jumper like mine? Yes? Get a dog run!

Are you sick on locking up multiple latches or is currently using a padlock on your dog enclosure? Get a dog run!

If you are unsure about the space you will need and this space could vary from time to time, then get a dog playpen!