How to Clean Your Dog Run?

How to Clean Your Dog Run?

Oh boy, I hope you have already thought about this before you decide on your dog run– cleaning and sterilizing your dog’s living space is just as important as cleaning your own living space.

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I like to use my favourite handy cleaner made with diluted bleach – this works great on almost everything (but not fabric), kill germs (like 99.9% efficient) and super low cost.

Step 1: Wear gloves

Well, sometimes I do ignore this step, simply just because work tend to be easier without gloves. But bleach is corrosive even in diluted state, it could make your skin itch and irritated and leaves strong smell no matter how many times you try to wash your hands.


Step 2: Apply cleaner on the run and mesh

You are able to use spray bottle or simply pour quarter of a cap full of bleach into 1 litre of clean water, and use a cloth or brush to clean. I personally prefer spray bottle as it is a permanent cleaner in the house and I could use the leftover amount somewhere else.


Step 3: Clean clean clean

Brush away fluffs and spider webs at the corners, wipe off dusts and crumbs. Clean to as details as you wish to but definitely be extra careful when you gets close to the ends of the mesh.


Step 4: Rinse off

You probably don’t want to risk on having your dog licking or picking up food after contacting with the run. So rinsing would be the most important step I would say. The more diluted cleaner, the less likely to have the risk, but nevertheless I would still recommend rinsing cleaned crate thoroughly.


Step 5: Sun dry

Best thing about it is that your run isn’t going anywhere really, but do remove all the covers to allow maximum exposure.Not only it is the most efficient way to dry your run, but also by drying your run crate in the sun could get the benefit of sterilization from the UV rays. Nature’s just wonderful!


On top of cleaning the crate, 9/10 times, I would also cleaning my dogs feeder bowls and beauty tools such as comb, brush and grooming tools.

However for small items, it would be much easier to clean with dishwashing liquid or the best result would be dishwasher if you have one. Just probably want to have a set of cleaning sponge and cleaning brush so it wouldn’t cross contaminating.