How to Save On Your Dog Registration Bill?

How to Save On Your Dog Registration Bill?

Time flies aye! It is the time of year again – Register your dog in New Zealand!

Yes, I have in fact received my dog rego information pack 2 weeks ago – thanks to Auckland Council for this important reminder.

Honestly, except from checking out the total amount due and due date stated in the letter, I have never really pay attention to any details. Last week, before making the payment, I thought it would be interesting to take a look of the details. And whoo I have realised there is interesting licence you could get – a Responsible Dog Owner Licence (RDOL).

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To apply for it, you will have to answer the whole way through a quiz where you get asked on a lot of questions such as was there any complaint lodged under your dog’s registration within past 12 months’ time?  Do you register your dog on time on annual basis and so on.

It’s funny how you would only start to think about something so simple and straightforward now when it is considered to be common sense.

Being a good owner not just by following rules and pay your dog registration fees but to always thinks about others. At the same time, it has rewarding discounted dog registration fees (by Auckland Council):

Registration Class


Entire Dog (non-RDOL) $141
De-sexed dogs (non- RDOL) $101
Entire Dog (RDOL) $73
De-sexed dogs (RDOL) $63


My usual bill would be $101 and upon successful applications of RDOL, I would be only paying $63 each year!


I didn’t really get a better picture until I’ve gone through all the questions to realise how much and how little that I have done for my dog baby and how responsible I have been towards the whole society.

One thing I would probably be most aware of would be barking issues. My dog used to bark a lot, but back then my neighbor’s Chihuahuas (yes she has 3 Chihuahuas!) barks even more, oh so much more and duration takes much longer, you could always hear them barking anytime on my balcony. So while I was lucky and unlucky at the same time, my dog’s bark was never really noticed until I moved to a bigger place and got him a dog run.

Back then I didn’t realise the difference on how a dog run would have any association with his barking behavior until I begin to notice I was much loosen up nowadays when I arrive home late at night – because my dog would just be barking for 2 seconds and he would stop; or most of the time, he would start pacing around, but no barks.

Now I have learnt it was because of his amount of ‘self-exercising’ in the dog run – as 3m by 3m dog run is actually quite big for him when he is just a little fluffy 4kg dog. This daily exercise would greatly reduce the barking regularities and greatly reduce anxious behavior.

If you have enough space and barking dog, it would worth to try out a dog run.